The quality of the best honey Typical Sicilians


Taking a spoonful of honey every morning you soon realize that honey is vigorous throughout the day. It is not a slogan but a statement made by athletes, by people who work intensively, both intellectually and convalescent. The daily use of pure, natural honey provides energy, well-being and health.

As a sweetener of drinks

Honey lemon juice (very pleasant) - a large spoon of liquid honey in a glass of water (not iced) and a quarter of a lemon juice.

Honey drink - pour fresh water into a glass jug, add three spoonfuls of honey and three of the finest vinegar and mix everything. This drink is extraordinarily refreshing.

The honey cold - An abundant spoon of liquid honey in a cold cup and half a lemon juice.

Milk and honey - Unsustainable is the effectiveness of milk and honey against cough, sore throat, catarrh and similar disorders. A good cup of boiled milk, strongly softened with honey, for three or four evenings before going to bed, benignly removes the aforementioned disorders. If too sweet is unpleasant, flavored with a few drops of lemon or orange juice

As a companion in snacks

On slices of cold bread - Excellent is a cream obtained by mixing with the spatula, equal volumes of solid honey with fresh butter.

With cooked fruit - Two teaspoons of honey sweetly sweeten a portion of cooked fruit. The low laxative power of honey adds to that of the cooked fruit.

Honey dessert - At the end of the meals a teaspoon of honey over a biscuit or crouton is an excellent dessert that facilitates digestion by attenuating or eliminating the drowsiness and drowsiness of after-meal.

Honey yogurt - Soak a yogurt jar with a spoonful of honey and a spoonful of strawberries (or blueberries, or currants, or fruit that you prefer), this yogurt dressing is very tasty and nutritious.

Honey cures

Liver - A spoon every night before bedtime, dissolved in a little water.

Intestinal Disorders - A coffee spoon in the middle of a glass of water after meals.

Ulcer - A kitchen spoon of honey in the morning and one in the evening before bed, dissolved in half a glass of water.

Heart Diseases - Three kitchen spoons loosened in half a liter of water at any time of the day.

The healing recipes are from Father Filippo Bruno, Benedictine, published on "Christian Family", No. 8, February 23, 1975, in an article titled "The hive is better than the pharmacy".