The quality of the best honey Typical Sicilians


Outside view of the establishment


The company proposes with a technologically advanced plant, able to offer Spett.le Clients a product of absolute genuineness

SICILMIELE is a registered trademark of the Honey Manufacturers Association, based in Zafferana Etnea, in Via Padre Don Giovanni Coco, 31 - 95019.
ABOUT US deals with the production and marketing of typical Sicilian honey such as: orange-lemon - millefiori - eucaliptus - chestnut - thyme - acacia - on.
It is located on the slopes of Mount Etna at about 20 Km from Taormina in a scenic setting where nature is still uncontaminated. It has 800 sqm. Of covered area on a total area of ​​about 5000 square meters. It is equipped with modern equipment capable of packing 3000 vases per hour (20,000 per day).
The placement of this ABOUT US in the country of Zafferana makes it more beneficial, as with over seven hundred beekeepers, the etnea town boasts about 15% of the national honey and 40% of the honey of Italian nationality derived from flowers Of citrus fruits.
In addition, honey sapphire is renowned throughout Italy for its healing properties, and is currently used for the preparation of sweets and typical dishes.
Honey, considered the gold of Etna, is the main source of income for the population. Zafferana Etnea is part of the national association "City of Honey".

It can be said that honey has always existed. Already hundreds of centuries ago, man used this wonderful fruit of nature to nurture and cure himself and his precious unmatched flavor.

SICILMIELE keeps intact all this precious quality, guaranteed with the utmost attention to packaging. The melts just come to ABOUT US are smoked (honey removed from the hens by centrifugal force) and honey is carefully checked and analyzed in the interior lab; The ABOUT US has all the necessary equipment for chemical analysis in accordance with Law 12/10/1982 n. 753 - G.U. 19/10/1982 N 288. and enforces self-control in accordance with Legislative Decree 155/97 and Risk Analysis and Control of Critical Points (HACCP).
In addition, for the search for oxides such as pesticides, antibiotics, and sulphonates, today's issue of fundamental importance, ABOUT US relies on a specialized institute that, through the most sophisticated analysis, monitors and guarantees the quality of the product.