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What is Honey

Honey is a very sweet sugar solution produced by bees to feed their larvae and to have a food reserve during the winter season. The bees first picked the nectar of the flowers and then transform it into honey inside a special bag that is in their digestive tract. The honey is then stored in honeycombs within the hive. Honey bees are made up of fructose, glucose, water, enzymes and essential oils; Is a very nutritious food (100 grams provide 330 calories) and while glucose provides immediate energy, fructose forms an energy reserve. The color and the taste depend on both the source from which the nectar was extracted and how long the honey is produced; Generally that of light color is more valuable than the dark one. Crystallization is a natural process that depends on composition and temperature. Before being marketed, honey is heated to 66 ° C to dissolve any crystals, then poured in sealed containers to minimize crystallization.

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